Hello Friends and Fans of Run Ruby Red Records!

It was an exciting first year of releases for us.  On a personal level, I moved across the Mississippi river to the East Side of Saint Paul where I live with my fiance.  The label has been silent for a few months because of the move, but we're ramping up operations with some exciting new releases. 

Currently, the presses are running on a collaboration between Catherine L. Johnson and Daniel Choma.  Catherine L. Johnson, best known for her visual work, blazed into new territory by recording improvised poetry with the gritty fuzz punk bass of Daniel Choma.  Imagine if Mike Watt stepped back in time to record with a beat poet, and you're getting close to this exciting cassette.

Also to be released this year is New Convert presents: Brihanu, Dangerously Relevant.  After spending time together in the topically charged jazz/hip hop group Junkyard Empire, Daniel Choma (aka New Convert) and Brian Lozenski (aka Brihanu) have worked for the past two years crafting a deliberate piece.  Culling samples from Dvorak to William Bell and combining them with the ferocious intellectualism of Brihanu, "Dangerously Relevant" challenges the stereotype that "conscious" hip hop is served with average music.  This cassette is not to be missed for fans of profound lyricism and head nodding beats.

In other exciting news, Run Ruby Red alum Emot has been in the studio over the past year recording with legendary maverick producer Brian Moen.  (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Amateur Love)  Check out Emot's website here for more information.

Also to be released this year is the fourth volume of instrumentals from producer New Convert, a fresh new acid folk group consisting of members and former members of Mages and Emot, An intriguing garage release from the already legendary Saint Paul duo Cats Galore, and the second solo songwriting record from Daniel Choma, and a new instrumental garage jazz group called Toni Wolff's Dream Wedding.

Thanks again for all the support through our first year, I am honored to have you all as fans, friends, and family.  Please don't hesitate to drop me a line, say hello, make jokes, or anything you feel like doing via email.  It's an honor to make music for y'all, thanks again for your continued support and love.


Dan Choma

Emot got an awesome write up by local Minneapolis writer Youa Vang.  Check it out here, lots of good stuff on what Emot is all about and why we release cassette tapes!  Click on the banner below to see more cool music reviews from Gimme Noise!

The second Run Ruby Red Record is out and in the world, ready for your purchase.  We had the Cassette  release last night in Minneapolis, you can buy Sad Songs About Girls right here:

The first cassette is officially on sale!  Emot's Trees & Claws cassette can be bought right here:

Dan Choma