Shock & Audio
This is a wonderful recording studio in Minneapolis, MN.  It's run by some rather upstanding citizens named Bill, Mike, and Andrew.  Check em out.

Lost Sound Tapes
Really cool tape label from Seattle run by a good fella named Jon Manning.  He plays in Blanket Truth and Sandy City.  He also releases awesome music.

Bridgetown Records
Tape label based out of California.  It's run by Kevin Greenspoon, who makes interesting and challenging ambient music.  He's also an upstanding guy, dig it.

Cakes and Tapes
This is a tape label from Aveiro, Portugal.  Good bands, interesting music, and not genre specific.  Go to the site.  Wander.  Get lost.  Get tapes.

Two Michael Jordans
This is a cool label run by two guys originally from Wisconsin now operating in Los Angelas.  Their recent Esta Vivo / Gracie split is scheduled to be bumped steadily all summer while riding my bike around town.

Bolachas Gratis
This is a music promotions site based in Portugal.  They've been reviewing independent European and American bands for a long time, and recently started up Cakes and Tapes to release independent tapes.  Cool people.