New Convert - Instrumentals Volume 3
The final installation of the first instrumentals trio finds beats stretching out into longer forms.  Samples ranging from modern classical to Belafonte keep things interesting.

New Convert - Instrumentals Volume 2
This new mixtape has a variety of samples mashed into beats including Commander Cody, Bob Dylan, Fiest, and Javier Solis. 

New Convert - Instrumentals Volume 1

New Convert produces instrumental hip hop in the sample based style of J Dilla, Madlib, or Kanye West.  Using a variety of samples combined with live instrumentation, New Convert combines classical, country, funk, and soul into a modern mix that bangs like a Golden Era mixtape.

Emot - Trees & Claws
Emot has been described by Rob Van Alstyne of Minneapolis City Pages as "tailor-made for late-night campfire listens and headphone-powered woodland wandering. "
Trees & Claws continues to evolve Emot's tradition of electronic folk music in the vein of Red House Painters, Talk Talk, and Halloween Alaska.

Daniel Choma - Sad Songs About Girls 
This alternative country record was written, recorded, and mixed by myself in my old cockroach-ridden Stevens Square Minneapolis apartment. Everything was recorded in my very professional "isolation booth" right next to my laundry basket with one condenser microphone.

This record combines the straightforward narrative songwriting of John Prine and Jerry Jeff Walker with the bluntness of songwriters such as  Blake Schwarzenbach & Paul Westerburg.  This cassette's off-beat phrasing and bumbling emotions are reborn  as forthright expressions of confidence and joy.